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We can achieve so much more than we actually think
we are capable of


Connecting levels and generations for innovation



A modular talent development programme across levels and generations.

We can achieve so much more than we think we are capable of

Work, learn, perform and enjoy!


Dear Top Year team, we want to thank you for the last programme that has really brought our team in action and has given us a good basis to build the future. You have put an enormous energy in us participants and we have very much appreciated your full sincerity. Let's go and grab the future! These are the words that I remember!

I hope to convey the feeling that we got in the past nine months to the rest of the group and get everyone involved.

I am pleased we are doing the Top Year program and I see that it works. They are really becoming a team and I would like them now to engage with the older group because we need to collaborate. I notice that the older generation regrets not having learnt these skills.