Top Year for Organisations

A programme designed with organisation needs in mind

Top Year partner companies are some of the leading family businesses and corporate companies. They work with the next generation to improve and innovate for the future. Top Year provides the active support to build on their foundations and connect across generations and levels of experience.
Top Year focuses on three themes: self-knowledge, effective teamwork and preparing for the future
Top Year integrates learning on the job and personal development, is based on practical tools and focused on business issues. Companies use the Top Year programme to develop their management potentials.
Top management is encouraged to participate as mentor or project sponsor in the Top Year programme and is supported by the Top Year team through similar exercises as the Top Year participants.


Top Year is tailored to the needs of each company. A thorough assessment of the company’s needs takes place with the owners, top management, HR and participants to create the right programme and embed it in the organisation. The existing training team of the company may integrate with the Top Year team.

Success factors

  • Commitment and involvement of participants and management.
  • Confidentiality
  • We are not here to judge but to let each other grow
  • Individual, team and business focus
  • Learning through challenges and reflection
  • Fun!


“I am pleased we are doing the Top Year program and I see that it works. They are really becoming a team and I would like them now to engage with the older group because we need to collaborate. I notice that the older generation regrets not having learnt these skills”