Top Year for participants

A programme designed around you

One goal: discover your talents
You develop the skills needed for your company. You investigate the key drivers for customer, product & process. You learn to work in a team, take and give feedback. You find out what drives you and motivates others, you discover how much you can achieve.
A structure for you to succeed
You are coached in your growth. You are trained by leadership experts. You review your progression and learn with the Top Year participants. You are stretched and grow. You work on your company’s future. You prepare your next steps.

Module 1 – Discover

Discover through role plays the impact of your communication.

Find out how you work with others in team exercises.

Investigate customer, product & processes key drivers in project work.

"When you are the General Manager, people do not give you feedback, positive or negative. Having someone letting me see what I am good at and where I need to grow, really helped me to improve."

Module 2 – Develop

Start project to define improvements with your team.

Develop the skills you miss to become an effective team member.

Overcome what prevents you from performing.

"Taking over a branch was pretty daunting, and looking back we could've done things differently. But you don’t get that experience anywhere else. You're thrown into the deep end and that was really awesome!"

Module 3 – Integrate

Practice your management skills.

Communicate project goals, gain feedback and engage other members.

Realize what motivates you, inspire others and set ideas in motion.

"Top Year has helped us become stronger and more understanding of each other. Competition between us stays, but now we know how to handle it. And we have more understanding for each other."


"Top Year has made me stronger. I know where I stand, I know what to do to keep on learning and growing. I am clear about myself and my objectives. And also the objectives of the group that I work with. I can put situations in perspective and know how to deal with them."